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Topic Credits Passed Grade Sum
Artificial neural networks 5 yes 4 5
Evolutionary computation 5 yes 4 10
Complex System Seminar 4 yes G 14
Computational Biology A 5 yes 4 19
Simulation of Complex Systems 5 yes 4 24
Dynamical Systems 3 yes 5 27
Information Theory 3 yes 3 30
Autonomous Agents 5 yes 5 35
Computational Biology B 5 yes 4 40
Chaos and Disorder 3
Humanoid Robotics 3
Artificial Intelligence 4 yes 5 44
MSc Thesis 20


MSc Thesis


  • Title and Abstract (clear idea) of the thesis are needed
  • Between 4 and 6 months (20 credits)


Pièces à fournir


  • [DONE] Application form
  • [DONE] Education summary form
  • [DONE] Passeport
  • [DONE] DUT
  • [DONE] Résumé des programmes du IUT & UVs UTC
  • [DONE] Notes IUT & UTC
  • [DONE] CV
  • [DONE] Lettre de motivation
  • [DONE] 2 Letters of recommandation (A. Jouglet / A.Moukrim ?)
  • [DONE] Letter of certification
  • [DONE] Scholarship

[DONE] Questions à poser

  • Comment se rempli l'éducation summary form
  • Passeport ou carte d'identité suffisante ?
  • Lettre de certification → UTC ?

[DONE] Demande de lettre de recommandation (mail)


J'ai la possibilité d'aller, avec le concours de l'UTC, étudier 18 mois dans l'université de Chalmers, en Suède, dans le cadre de son “International Master Programme”. Le programme des “Complex Adaptive Systems” correspond exactement à l'orientation que je veux donner à mes études.

Pour compléter le dossier d'inscription, je dois fournir deux lettres de recommandations. Peut-être accepteriez-vous de me recommander auprès de cette université ?


Pour info: http://frt.fy.chalmers.se/cs/cas/casinfo.html

Lettre de motivation


I have developed great interest in the field of computer science, for more than ten years now. This is what led me to studies in this field. I started college at Marseilles' Institute of Technology, where I took electronics as majors. I then proceeded with the preparation of an engineer degree at the Université de Technologie de Compiègne, where I focused mainly on systems. This gave me an overall knowledge of the inner working of computers.

However, over the years, I became more particularly interested in the higher levels of computer science, such as complex algorithms or artificial intelligence. Some of the programmes proposed by the University of Chalmers fit this orientation perfectly.

For me, joining the International Masters Programme combines the opportunity to study these subjects more in depth with the experience of living in a foreign country. Moreover, I am planning to continue my studies, after my engineer diploma. The masters degree I could prepare at Chalmers is a good asset to help me achieve this objective.



I am currently applying to join Chalmers' International Masters Programme. This programme will last 18 months during which I will live in Sweden. This will induce an overhead in the cost of my studies.

My father, who has been helping to pay for my studies, is currently unemployed, which may pose some problems to assume the costs of living in a foreign country.

This is why I am applying for a scholarship ; to help me afford the cost of my preparation of the Masters degree in good conditions.

Hoping you will give a positive answer to my request,

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